What is Caitlin doing NOW?

Shamrock Show Stables trainer

This NOW page is a place to check-in with what’s new at Shamrock, and what Caitlin has been up to when she’s not at the barn or a show. (Yes, she finds rare moments of free-time every now and then!)

I’m starting a blog! Next time I sit down here I will update on my learner judging experience at Tampa CFHJA show this past September, and most recently, at HITS Ocala in February.

I’ve been itching lately to write more often, and I think the subject of acquiring my judge's card will be an interesting subject to follow. The process for becoming a hunter/ hunt-seat equitation 'R' judge is not clearly defined by USEF, because the Federation covers so many disciplines. That means the journey goes slightly differently for all applicants. Follow along as navigate my way to becoming a licensed official!

Currently reading: The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle.

Up next: HITS Ocala Winter circuit.

Big Congratulations to Amara on placing 2nd in the $10,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix two weeks in a row! And Louise and Sky Pilot winning a class in the 2’9″ Adult Equitation!

Welcome “Chilleddie”, a new fulltime boarder from Connecticut, and Mary and Diane, some seasonal riders who will show at HITS Week 7.

Week 7 of HITS Ocala: Training hunter, pre-adult hunter, short stirrup, walk/ trot/ canter . . !

Feeling appreciative for my supportive and helpful customers, the resourceful horse community in Ocala, and my patient boyfriend for always being there for me. AND Ms. Catherine Merrill for her unwavering support.

Updated Friday, February 21, 2020.

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