What is Caitlin doing NOW?

Shamrock Show Stables trainer

This NOW page is a place to check-in with what’s new at Shamrock, and what Caitlin has been up to when she’s not at the barn or a show. (Yes, she finds rare moments of free-time every now and then!)

Flying to Ireland! I’m currently waiting on my connection from Philadelphia to Shannon, IRE. One week riding the Irish countryside and exploring with my mom and 3 of our friends. Follow my Instagram account for photos @caitlin.maloney1

Currently reading: Riding Logic, by Wilhelm Müseler, and revisiting The Seat if the Soul, by Gary Zukav.

Up next: Apprentice judging in Florida

Appreciating friends, family, and everyday opportunity. I’m excited for this trip as a chance to spend time with my mom. We used to travel A LOT together and take overseas trips. I think the last trip we took together, that wasn’t for work or an invitation, was to Mongolia in 2015.

Updated Saturday evening, July 27

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