What is Caitlin doing NOW?

Shamrock Show Stables trainer

This NOW page is a place to check-in with what’s new at Shamrock, and what Caitlin has been up to when she’s not at the barn or a show. (Yes, she finds rare moments of free-time every now and then!)

Currently reading: Riding Logic, by Wilhelm Müseler. Written in 1933, the book emphasizes riding principles that can be applied to any discipline, but what I like the most so far is how the author’s love for the horse comes through in his writing. From the preface:

Riding is a thing of beauty and can be made into an art form. All of us would like to be considered artists, but the only ones who will achieve this are those who try sincerely to enter into a horse’s mind and effect rapport with him by sympathy rather than brute strength.

Working with a new horse that came in as a sale/ lease prospect. He’s going to be a great Children’s/ Adult hunter and competitive 3’ we horse. Email for more info!

Up next: Foxlea horse show in Venice, Florida July 17-21

Looking forward to a one-week trip to Ireland at the end of this month! A nice escape from the summer heat, time with friends and family, and an exciting adventure to a new place!

Appreciating the time spent in Chicago recently for a close friend’s wedding. Great catching up with lifelong friends, and especially great that Josh was able to be there with me.

Updated Monday evening, June 24

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