What is Caitlin doing NOW?

Shamrock Show Stables trainer

This NOW page is a place to check-in with what’s new at Shamrock, and what Caitlin has been up to when she’s not at the barn or a show. (Yes, she finds rare moments of free-time when she can!)

Currently reading: Riding Logic, by Wilhelm Müseler. Written in 1933, the book emphasizes riding principles that can be applied to any discipline, but what I like the most so far is how the author’s love for the horse comes through in his writing. From the preface:

Riding is a thing of beauty and can be made into an art form. All of us would like to be considered artists, but the only ones who will achieve this are those who try sincerely to enter into a horse’s mind and effect rapport with him by sympathy rather than brute strength.

Up next: Trying horses in Chicago June 17-18

Horse Shows in the Park at the Grand Oaks Resort June 22-23

I’m back in my routine of working out in the gym 3 days a week during my midday break, and some form of cardio (besides riding) once a week. If I’m not at the barn, there’s a good chance you can find me at the Golden Ocala gym — or by their amazing pool! So while the horses are in their stalls resting, I’m still out sweating!

Speaking of the horses, we started nighttime turnout as the heat took over in Ocala a few weeks ago. We finally got the rain we needed here, which broke the heatwave, so now we’re rotating turn-out between rain-showers.

New discovery: The “Better Guide” app!! It’s a social media style platform that allows you to submit reviews and search for recommendations for places to stay, eat, drink, and shop in different cities across the country. Recommended by my friend John de Neufville, who I met in Malibu, CA. I’m looking forward to using it and contributing reviews while I travel to horse shows.

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